House rules

  • Arrival: Flexible
  • Self-check-in (staff in the building)
  • No smoking
  • Not allowed with pets
  • No parties and events

Additional rules

  • Loud music is prohibited
  • No smoking on floors
  • Flexible arrival / departure rules
  • Parking - 300 rubles / day
  • Reservation 3 days prior to arrival.
  • From 5 days of stay.
  • From 7 days of stay 10% discount
  • From a month of stay 20% discount


To ensure a good and pleasant stay and to eliminate possible misunderstandings, these rules of conduct in the apartments are proposed.

By renting an apartment, you confirm that you agree with these rules. Violation of the rules of conduct may result in refusal of accommodation and payment of the full rental price in case of early forced departure.

When placing in an apartment, the tenant provides the owner or his representative with passports of all people entering the apartment (or other identity documents) and their copies. If there are no copies of the documents, the owner's representative will photograph the first page of the document.

Immediately upon check-in, the tenant pays the full rental price for the entire period of residence.

The tenant must immediately notify the owner or his representative about any defects and malfunctions in the apartment, if they are found.

Tenants must independently maintain order and cleanliness in the apartment, take out the garbage in a timely manner.

Tenants are provided with bed linen, towels, dishes.

The owner of the apartment is not obliged to organize the guests' leisure time.

The owner of the apartment is not responsible for the safety of things and valuables left in the apartment. Tenants should take care of their storage themselves. When leaving the apartment, tenants must lock the doors and not leave the windows open.

The owner or his representative has no right to enter the apartment in the absence of guests. An exception is made in cases where this is due to the need to prevent the occurrence of danger or damage. While in the apartment, the tenants are obliged to provide the owner or his representative with the opportunity to enter the apartment to check its safety, furniture and check the conformity of the number of residents with the accommodation standards.

Indoor smoking is strictly prohibited! If the smell of tobacco is detected during the tenant's residence or during his eviction, the apartment owner has the right to collect a fine for specialized cleaning and weathering the smell of tobacco with professional chemical agents in the amount of 5,000 (five thousand) rubles.

Smoking in the entrances, as well as in common areas is prohibited in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation of 23.10.2013 No. 15-F3! The owner of the apartment is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by calling the local police, which may be caused by temporary and permanent residents of the house.

It is not allowed to bring weapons, flammable and explosive substances, as well as substances with an intense and unpleasant odor, cooking devices (heaters, etc.) or other electrical equipment and fans into the apartments.

Tenants are obliged to protect the apartments, to treat furniture and equipment with care. It is not allowed to take furniture, dishes, equipment and towels out of the apartment, as well as move material assets between apartments in the case of a collective reservation. Leaving the apartment, the tenant must turn off the lights, electrical appliances, turn off the gas and turn off the water. It is forbidden to cool food with water flowing from the tap in the kitchen or bathroom. It is not allowed to throw waste into the toilet.

Unauthorized people who are not registered tenants (who did not provide identification documents) or who are not included in the daily rental agreement (if concluded) are not allowed to stay in the apartment. If the presence of strangers is found in the apartment, the presence of which was not previously discussed, the landlord has the right to refuse accommodation for all tenants.

The tenant who intentionally or unintentionally causes material damage to the apartment must compensate the damage in full.

The owner of the apartment or his representative collects a security deposit in the amount of 30,000 rubles, which the tenant must pay on the day of arrival at the apartment; on holidays, the deposit is 30,000 rubles.

The security deposit is returned to the tenant in full if he rents the apartment in the same form in which it was provided to him, and if the tenant did not violate the rules of living in the apartment.

Pets are not allowed in the apartment.

Check-in / check-out times are flexible. If you want to check in earlier or check out later than the specified time, please contact the reservation department.

In case of cancellation or reduction of the reservation less than 5 days before the date of arrival, as well as non-arrival, we reserve the right to withhold the amount of 5 days of the cost of living.

We ask you to keep quiet after 23:00 for your peace of mind and the comfort of other guests and not to turn on loud music.

By renting an apartment, the tenant thereby confirms that he has read the rules of conduct for living in the apartment and agrees to abide by them.

All disputes that cannot be resolved between the tenant and the owner of the apartment will be resolved in a competent court. Claims are considered only in cases when they are presented during the stay. Subsequent complaints will not be considered.

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